Nothing is higher than an architect (...George Constanza)

Nothing is higher than an architect (...George Constanza)

GEORGE: Besides, Steven Koren has the highest of aspirations. He wants to be… an architect!

WYCK: Is that right?

STEVEN: Actually, maybe I could set my sights a little bit higher.

GEORGE: Steven, nothing is higher than an architect.

STEVEN: I think I’d really like to be a city planner. Why limit myself to just one building, when I can design a whole city?

WYCK: Well, that’s a good point.

GEORGE: No, it’s not.

STEVEN: Well, isn’t an architect just an art school drop-out with a tilty desk, and a big ruler?

GEORGE: It’s called a T-square.

WYCK: You know, the stupidest guy in my fraternity became an architect – after he flunked out of dental school! Congratulations, young man.

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