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New features in the next AutoCAD WS?

Apollo SpiliotisComment
New features in the next AutoCAD WS?

Autodesk has been stealing the show for a while on the iOS front, with Sketchbook Mobile (paint and drawing), 123D Sculpt (quick and easy 3d modelling), Autodesk Design Review (review and annotate DWF models), Buzzsaw Mobile (project document viewer),Bluestreak (real-time messaging and collaboration), Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer (3D assembly instructions viewer) and especially Autocad WS, which has registered over 2 million users online with around 4 million drawings uploaded.

The next release of AutoCAD WS will apparently have some really cool features including 3D, GPS, and “Plot-to-Print” : 

3D Support

One of the most demanded features for AutoCAD WS, soon we’ll be able to intuitively view and share the 3D objects in DWGs.

GPS Integration

We’ll also be able to use the in-built GPS functionality of a mobile device to position ourselves physically inside the design when on site, making it an even more vital tool for engineers and architects who need to get out into the field and take their designs with them.


Plot to Print from Mobile

In conjunction with registering for HP ePrint & Share, a free online service, we’ll soon be able to send designs to any compatible HP printer over Wi-fi to plot from anywhere. Additionally, a super great feature will be to plot drawings directly as a PDF and send it to via email!

Design professionals are constantly moving between the office, the job site and offices of partners and clients. [...] The new cloud printing functionality of AutoCAD WS made possible through HP ePrint & Share will give users a full solution for documenting and sharing their designs in hardcopy wherever they may be, which is critical to their business.
— Santiago Morera (Vice President and General Manager, Large Format Printing, HP)

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