Archicad online object libraries

Archicad online object libraries

Update 2011 : Get your hands on ALL previous ArchiCAD Libraries, from v4.1 and up! >>>

Archicad has hundreds of objects you can use embedded in its Standard Library, ranging from simple geometric shapes to Parametric objects like stairs or kitchen cabinets. Though most are preconfigured to standard settings, nearly everything is extensively editable - as they are GDL objects. Every few months the Archicad team even sends an update for the standard library, fixing a few bugs and adding more objects. 

Want to learn how to  Manage & Migrate your ArchiCAD Libraries  effectively?    Check out the   Week #4   Tutorials of the ArchiCAD Best Practices Course

Want to learn how to Manage & Migrate your ArchiCAD Libraries effectively?

Check out the Week #4 Tutorials of the ArchiCAD Best Practices Course

Some third-party developers have created more specialised and detailed objects to add to your designs including furniture, electronic equipment, trees, you name it! Some are free, though the really good ones come at a reasonable price. To start off I’d go with the free route and try the GDL Object Depository created by Graphisoft, where Archicad users can exchange free objects and texture libraries. Loving the free and open-source, the Open GDL board is a place for developers mostly, but has plenty of free stuff to download. 

Though if you’ve got some cash to spare, Objects Online is a great resource - these guys have created hundreds of great high quality Archicad objects, most have a pricetag on them, but a few are free to download - with a “donation” option. Similarly Archicad Solutions specialises in creating and customising GDL objects for Archicad, and CADGaragehas some library parts for sale along with books, DVDs, and accessories for Mac + Archicad. 

These are generally the sites I’ve found useful, though Graphisoft has compiled the mother-list of all GDL developers’ websites. Go ahead and check them out and if you find any other good ones please feel free share them with me and I’ll spread the word. Happy GDL hunting!

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