: the Artlantis media mecca : the Artlantis media mecca

So in the previous tutorials I mentioned the Catalog - Artlantis’s great object manger. By now you’ve probably started using Artlantis a bit more and explored using the objects + shaders provided with the package; and though there are plenty to get you by at the early stages, if you want to step it up a notch you’re probably going to want some more!

Well fear not, archiCADmonkey’s got ya covered. I found a fantastic site called, where you can find all sorts of Artlantis news, interviews, some Artlantis tutorials and media all in one place. 

Having its roots in the Netherlands, started off as an initiative of a few users to create a community where users of Artlantis can share, learn and improve their game. It’s a site where you can download some free 3D objects - after a quick free signup process - and also buy premium objects, shaders and more, while being offered the best prices in the market. Checkout their extensive shop to find out more. 

You can even submit any objects you create to the digital marketplace, set a price for them, and ArtlantisObjects takes care of the rest - while promoting your work to a worldwide Artlantis user audience -  giving other users a chance to benefit from them at an affordable price, and you the opportunity to earn some royalties. 

On top of all of this they also offer a new service - which I had nearly missed - called ‘Deadline’. As I had mentioned in show ACM006, Artlantis has a really powerful rendering engine that significantly cuts down on rendering time. But if you’ve either got a model that’s too big or your submission date is looming, ArtlantisObjects can save the day : 

“Send us your file and we will render it for you”

All you need to do is set up the scene, the lighting, the shaders + textures, and any animation sequences, and their super powerful computers will get the job done in a flash.

Definitely is well worth checking out!

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