The Third and the Seventh: Architecture through the cinematographic lens

The Third and the Seventh: Architecture through the cinematographic lens

The visual fusion between the 3rd and the 7th arts. 

Alex Roman has created an animated piece, based on some beautiful REAL places, but - and I kid you not - they are ALL computer generated. As the creator describes it himself, it “tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces”.


The Third and the Seventh arts are Architecture and Cinematography - the rest being Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Music and Dance. The film is an examination of how we experience and record the physical world around us, as a 3D “Virtual Reality” is transformed into a 2D video sequence. 


The level of detail and realism of the spaces is mind-blowing, as seeming to be filmed with a high-quality camera, the scenes reveal an etherial effect and suddenly appear to be a bit...more real than real. The way the old-school tripod camera explores the scenes gives a sort of Wall-e feel, as the lens appears curious and intrigued at times, attempting to capture every detail. 

The music - apparently orchestrated by the creator himself - accompanies each scene quite gracefully and sets the mood depending on the space the viewer is in. The 3D models are breathtaking, one scene more perfect than the other, each having been created and edited with 3DS Max, Vray, (possibly some Sketchup), AfterEffects and Premiere. Surpassing the boundaries of realism, Alex has indeed achieved hyper-realism. It’s nearly impossible to understand that what the brain sees as obviously real, is a highly crafted CG scene, while the film makes you feel somewhat like you’re between a dreamworld and reality, right before you wake up and discover what is real again. 

Ok enough jibberjabber, just press play and you’ll get the picture:


Now after you watch the film, and - like me - still can’t believe all of that is really computer modelling, Alex has created a short “compositing video” for all the non-believers showing off a few scenes and the process to create them.....I believe...I am speechless

Compositing breakdown of random T&S shots... |Music| Humming Chorus. Giacomo Puccini.

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